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Ingrown Toenails

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In 1991, Dr. Wayne Hurst earned his medical degree from Dr. W.M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. He specializes in podiatry and provides surgery and other treatments for painful ingrown toenails. He serves the Austin, TX area at Foot Specialists of Austin, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.

Ingrown Toenails Q & A

What Is an Ingrown Toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a toenail that grows into the side of the toe where the flesh is. It either occurs along the side of the toenail or in the corner. It's a very common condition, and it tends to affect a patient's big toe.

What Are the Symptoms?

Pain where the toenail grows into the skin is one of the more common symptoms. Patients may experience redness or irritation at the site. The area may swell. Usually, the symptoms are mild enough that they aren't bothersome, nor do they interfere with daily life. However, some people may have a toenail that's deeply ingrown and causes a great deal of pain.

What Are the Complications?

Infection can occur in the skin around the toenail. When the ingrown toenail isn't addressed, especially if an infection is present already, the infection may occur under the skin and spread to the bone. Those who have diabetes and circulation problems are more at risk for severe issues with an ingrown toenail. Infection is more common in these individuals. Not to mention, it might not heal properly. Nerve damage is possible in diabetic patients as well.

How Is It Treated?

An ingrown toenail isn't always a serious problem. Some patients are able to remove the side of the toenail using a standard pair of clippers. Other times, Dr. Hurst has to perform surgery. He may lift the nail and place a splint under it to help it grow away from the skin. The more serious cases require the doctor to partially remove the nail or remove the nail and part of the surrounding tissue. Generally, the podiatrist will remove part of the nail bed if the problem repeatedly occurs.

What's the Recovery Like From Ingrown Toenail Surgery?

No matter which surgery Dr. Hurst performs, the recovery time is very minimal. All procedures are outpatient. The patient is able to walk after the surgery. However, it takes up to several weeks for it to fully heal. The highly respected Dr. Hurst may prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to clear up any infection.

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